Global studies is an interdisciplinary  major that gives students a global perspective on political and economic problems, preparing them for careers in government, business and the nonprofit  sector. Students are encouraged  to become fluent in a modern foreign language, and the faculty works to arrange for students  to spend a semester or year of study abroad.

Learning Outcomes for Global Studies

Upon completing the global studies major students should:

1. View global challenges from a perspective that integrates political, historical, economic, cultural and normative perspectives.
2. Be able to articulate the primary theoretical frameworks used to understand the global arena.
3. Understand  the role of important  state and non-state actors (international and non-governmental groups and organizations)  in the global arena.
4. Demonstrate strong communications  skills (reading, writing and listening) as well as analytical and critical skills that enable them to dissect and solve complex problems effectively.
5. Demonstrate the capacity to conduct independent research (identify and develop a research question, design research strategies based on the application of quantitative and/or qualitative methodologies, access and interpret  information from print and electronic sources, write and present a critical and analytical argument).

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