The major in political science prepares students for a lifetime of informed and active citizenship while teaching the skills necessary to succeed in our knowledge-based, globalized economy.

Learning Outcomes for Political Science

Political Science majors at Carroll University will develop a general knowledge of the following:

1. Major institutions  (e.g., legislatures, executives, judiciaries, bureaucracies) and processes (e.g., voting, policy-making) of American governments and of diverse national political systems.
2. The main theories used to understand the global arena as well as the impact of globalization on global and national politics.
3. The structure  and functions of political theorizing as well as an overview of its history.
4. Important  processes and agencies within public organizations and the ethical dimensions of public service.
5. Students develop strong communication  skills (reading, writing, listening) as well as analytical and critical skills, which enable them to dissect and solve complex problems effectively.
6. Students develop the capacity to conduct independent research (identify and develop a research question, design research strategies based on the application of quantitative and/or qualitative methodologies, access and interpret  information from print and electronic sources, write and present a critical and analytical argument).
7. Students are strongly encouraged to develop an understanding of the world of work by completing an internship  or by participating in an off-campus program that involves contact with governments or non-governmental organizations engaged in the public policy process.

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