Lynn Peterson

Health Sciences and 2 + 2 Program Advisor

The Hispanic Health and Human Service (HHHS) minor is open to all students in any major who are interested in combining knowledge and skills related to health and human services with an emphasis on serving Hispanic communities.

The interdisciplinary HHHS minor is an excellent companion minor for students who are pursuing careers in health (nursing,  pre-med, physical therapy, public health, biology, chemistry or biochemistry)  or human services (criminal justice, psychology, sociology, communication). It is also relevant to Spanish majors and minors who wish to acquire skills to work in health and human service fields.

The goals of the HHHS minor are to educate students  who will:

1.  Function  competently in a professional capacity within a Hispanic/Latino health and human service delivery setting.
2.  Recognize and respond to cultural characteristics that affect health and human service delivery in the Hispanic/Latino community.
3.  Demonstrate ability to communicate  effectively using Spanish terminology in reading, writing and speaking.

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