Charles A. Byler Professor of History
Scott Hendrix Associate Professor of History
Abigail M. Markwyn Associate Professor of History
Kimberly A. Redding Associate Professor of History

The History Program offers a major in history and a minor in history.

History Major (36 credits)
Bachelor of Arts

The nine-course history major serves students who not only seek an education in the liberal arts, but who also realize the value of history for understanding themselves and their world. Because the study of history enhances analytical, communicative and critical thinking  skills, and because our courses often encourage an interdisciplinary approach, a history major prepares students for careers in research, public service, education and/or the private sector, while also offering a strong foundation for advanced study.

Learning Outcomes for History

Upon successful completion of major requirements  students will be able to:

1. Employ tools of historical analysis such as cause and effect, sequence and change over time to explain past experiences and developments.
2. Define a historical question and use appropriate methodologies to develop and evaluate possible answers.
3. Find evidence and evaluate primary and secondary sources to form sustainable conclusions in a well-argued paper.
4. Articulate and/or resolve conflicting interpretations and explain the changing nature of historical inquiry.
5. Communicate  original, convincing ideas in well-organized oral and written formats.
6. Identify and explain central themes and problems of the Western World.
7. Identify and explain central themes and problems of a non-western  culture.

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