Susan E. Lewis Professor of Biology
Eric T. Thobaben Assistant Professor of Biology
Christopher D. Winn Associate Dean of Marine Science Prgrams
Hawaii Pacific University

Carroll University offers access to majors in marine biology and oceanography via a cooperative arrangement with Hawaii Pacific University (HPU). The objective of the Marine Science Program at HPU is to help students  gain a scientific understanding of the world’s oceans and the life they contain, and a sense of appreciation for their beauty and fragility. Students are given a theoretical framework in the basic and applied sciences as well as ample opportunities to get hands-on experience conducting  laboratory and field observations and experiments. Lecture and laboratory facilities are located on the Hawaii Loa Campus of Hawaii Pacific University. The campus is only a twenty-minute drive from Kaneohe Bay, a large natural embayment protected from the open ocean by the only true barrier reef in the Hawaiian Islands. This bay serves as one of the finest natural laboratories in the world for studying the marine sciences, and its protected nature allows HPU students  to do field work in almost any type of weather.

Students desiring to major in marine biology or oceanography will spend two years at Carroll University taking basic science and liberal arts courses. After the two years, students transfer to Hawaii Pacific University and complete the requirements for a Marine Biology/Oceanography degree from Hawaii Pacific University.

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