Stephen J. Dannhoff Assistant Professor and Director of
Physical and Health Education/Recreation Management
Pamela Pinahs-Schultz Professor of Physical Education

The purpose of the Recreation Management Program at Carroll University is to prepare entry-level professionals who can develop, implement,  and administer recreation and outdoor adventure programs across the life span in a variety of settings including community Parks and Recreation Departments,  fitness facilities, resorts, and cruise ships.

Recreation Management Major
Bachelor of Science

Many of the teaching and planning skills utilized in teaching physical and health education are also essential for successful recreation  program management.  Descriptions of Physical Education Program courses in the Recreation Management Program are in the Physical Education/Health  Education/Adapted Physical Education Program section of this catalog. Descriptions of Health Sciences and Exercise Science Program courses in  the  Recreation  Management  program are contained in the Health Sciences and Exercise Sciences Program sections, respectively, of this catalog.

Program Outcomes for Recreation Management

1. Train our students  in management skills associated with middle management line positions.
2. Instill in our students  a sense of ethical principles and professional responsibility.
3. Prepare our students  so that they may identify and access the most relevant research materials.
4. Foster those skills necessary to seek out partnerships  in the delivery of recreational services.
5. Cultivate an attitude of lifelong professional participation.
6. Implement effective instructional  approaches including the use of media and technology.
7. Apply formal and informal assessment strategies.


Specific courses that require use of equipment  and disposable supplies are assigned a course fee.

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