Jon Gordon Senior Lecturer in Communication
Rebecca S. Imes Associate Professor of Communication
Barbara L. King Chair and Associate Professor of Communication
Keith J. Zukas Assistant Professor of Communication

The Communication program offers a major in communication, as well as minors in liberal arts communication  and secondary education speech communication. The goal of the program is to develop graduates  who possess communication  competence,  in both theory and practice.

Communication Major

The communication major prepares students for careers in journalism, public relations, advertising, teaching, management, human resources and for advanced education in graduate school. The curriculum follows a sequence for student development.  As freshmen, students  learn the principles of, and have experiences in, various contexts of communication. They also become familiar with the methods of communication research (100-level courses). As sophomores, students become acquainted with specialized subject matters and hone skills in research, writing and critical thinking (200-level courses). As juniors, students engage in deeper exploration of theoretical and ethical perspectives (300-level courses). As seniors, students participate in advanced research and work-oriented experiences.

Learning Outcomes for Communication

Upon successful completion of major requirements,  students are expected to demonstrate:

1. An understanding of the theories and principles of human communication  that will facilitate their professional and personal effectiveness.
2. Skill in responsible and sensitive communication  with diverse others.
3. The ability to conduct systematic inquiry skillfully.
4. The ability to develop and convey oral and written messages effectively.

Suggested Tracks in the Communication Major

Journalism: COM 137, COM 237, COM 250, COM 254, COM 275, COM 278, COM 350
Public Relations: COM 137, COM 203, COM 208, COM 227, COM 317, COM 350
Relational: COM 200, COM 202, COM 230, COM 250, COM 290, COM 319

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