Jeffrey T. Kunz Assistant Professor
Gary L. Olsen Associate Professor

Preparing Accounting Professionals for Global Challenges

The Accounting Program provides superior educational opportunities that increase students’ professional effectiveness and career success in complex business environments.

Learning Outcomes for Accounting

Graduates of the Accounting Program are able to:

1. Define and describe accounting-related terminology and concepts.
2. Solve complex accounting problems using appropriate tools and techniques.
3. Formulate accounting policies and strategies and evaluate their effectiveness.
4. Integrate global considerations in accounting decisions.
5. Demonstrate multiple effective communication skills.
6. Work effectively in team environments.
7. Demonstrate appropriate habits, behaviors and attitudes in professional situations.

Carroll University offers three tracks in accounting for students interested in preparing for a position of leadership and responsibility in accounting in the public, private or governmental sectors of our economy.

Track #1 is designed for students wishing to complete an accounting major that will enable them, upon graduation, to obtain a position in a corporate or not-for-profit organization.

Track #2 is designed for students interested in obtaining a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation. Students wishing to meet the requirements to “sit” for the CPA exam can do so in four years by following a specified curriculum. This curriculum requires completion of 150 credit hours. With careful planning additional competencies can be gained that will allow the student to consider other certifications (described below). Students should carefully coordinate with their academic advisor if they wish to complete this track in four years.

With careful planning, the requirements for either TRACK #1 OR TRACK #2 can be completed within a four-year period (not the traditional five-year period).

Track #3 BS/MBA/CPA

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