Mattias Bollmus Instructor
Dennis M. Debrecht Associate Professor
Sarah Esveldt Lecturer
Catherine E. Jorgens Instructor
Gregory A. Kuhlemeyer Chair and Associate Professor
Michael G. Levas Associate Professor
Richard J. Penlesky Professor
Gregory J. Schultz Senior Lecturer
Mary Ann Wisniewski Professor

Preparing Business Professionals for Global Challenges

The Business Program provides superior educational opportunities that increase professional effectiveness and career success in complex business environments.

Learning Outcomes for Business Administration

Graduates of the Business Program are able to:

1. Define and describe business-related  terminology and concepts.
2. Solve complex business problems using appropriate  tools and techniques.
3. Formulate business policies and strategies and evaluate their effectiveness.
4. Integrate global considerations in business decisions.
5. Demonstrate multiple effective communication  skills.
6. Work effectively in team environments.
7. Demonstrate appropriate habits, behaviors and attitudes in professional situations.

Students who major in Business Administration are prepared for a variety of fulfilling and challenging careers with domestic and international  organizations.  These organizations need articulate, well-reasoning, effective leaders to manage in business environments that are dynamic and increasingly complex.

A Carroll University business degree facilitates integration of knowledge, development of lifelong skills, career  preparation, and formulation of enduring personal values. These pillars of a Carroll University education are grounded in the liberal arts and provide the foundation upon which Business programs are built. This combination of liberal and professional education has been carefully designed to enhance personal and professional success.

Courses in the Business Administration major address the theory (why?) and practice (how?) of business decision-making within a global context. Courses are delivered by experienced, highly educated faculty who pay careful attention  to individual student needs. Classes are often augmented and enriched by carefully selected guest speakers, videos, interactive games or exercises, and judicious use of online content  and delivery. All Business Administration majors complete a common group of core and support courses. In addition, students select an in-depth area of study, called an emphasis, in one of five areas: entrepreneurship, finance, human  resources,  management  or marketing.

The Business Administration major offers a variety of opportunities beyond the classroom that prepare students for successful lives and careers. All students are required to complete an internship. Internships provide realistic job previews, income and networking opportunities and, in some cases, full-time employment upon graduation. Leadership opportunities are available through a number of scholarly and professional organizations. Interaction with Carroll alums and other business leaders is fostered through a required career management course, occasional classroom visits by guest lecturers, an optional mentoring program, and other on-campus and off-campus events.

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