Greg Gabrielsen Lecturer
Bret Kelso Lecturer
Damon A. Resnick Assistant Professor
Tate Wilson Lecturer

Carroll University, the University of Wisconsin Platteville and the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee offer an inter-university program that allows students to earn two degrees: a  B.S. in Applied Physics from Carroll University, and a  B.S. in Engineering from the UW-Platteville or UW-Milwaukee. There is also an option to earn a B.S. in Applied Physics from Carroll University and an M.S. in Engineering from UW- Milwaukee. Usually taking 5 years to complete, the Carroll University portion of these 3+2 programs consists of an intensive integrated experience in general engineering, physical science, applied mathematics, computation, and liberal studies. Upon completing the 3 year program at Carroll University, students transfer to the UW-Platteville or UW-Milwaukee for 2 years to complete an engineering degree in any one of the following disciplines: Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical  Engineering,  and  Materials  Science.  Students receive an Applied Physics degree after the successful completion of their first year at UWP or UWM.

Learning Outcomes for Applied Physics/Engineering

1. Prepare students  to successfully complete an intensive 2-year engineering curriculum  at UW-Platteville or UW-Milwaukee.
2. Introduce  students  to the engineering profession, including engineering problem solving, judgment and practice.
3. Begin development of student  awareness of the impact of their work on society, locally, nationally and globally.


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