Amy A. Cropper Department Chair and Associate Professor of Art
Peggy Thurston Farrell Associate Professor of Art
Phillip L. Krejcarek Professor of Art
Jennifer A. Moon Assistant Professor of Photography and Digital Media
Pacia Sallomi Professor of Art

Art Major

The art major offers several directions for the student who has an interest and talent in the visual expressive arts. Individualized  advising helps the student  choose a major with one of the following two emphases:
1. Fine arts which prepares students  for careers in gallery/museum or arts administration, or for graduate work in studio art, commercial art, art therapy, or art history.
2. Art education which prepares students  for K-12 teaching certification.

All majors are encouraged to attend art exhibition openings and/or workshops and field trips sponsored or approved by the art faculty. All majors are required to create a sophomore portfolio and have a senior show and portfolio to be approved by the art faculty.

Learning Outcomes for Art

Upon graduation,  the art student  will be able to demonstrate:
1. Mastery of skills in his/her chosen area of emphasis.
2. Familiarity with the history of art and the ability to discuss it within the context of their work.
3. Ability to write articulately about art.
4. Ability to present self and work professionally.
5. Ability to develop a cohesive body of work.

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