Mindy Cloninger, Director

Room:  202 & 203 Horace Mann – Student Welcoming Center

Telephone:  620-235-4140


e-mail:  careers AT pittstate DOT edu

The Office of Career Services provides a full range of opportunities to students and alumni.  Individual career counseling and consultation is available by appointment.  Self-assessment tools and computer-assisted guidance programs are often utilized in this process.  Career infor­mation fairs are held each year for the business, govern­ment, not-for-profit, technology and health fields, teacher employment, and intern­ship/summer employment.  These provide all students the opportunity to investigate occupations and companies, practice interview techniques, and make valuable contacts.  Other services include on-campus interviews, mock interviews, and internship search assistance.

Graduating students and alumni can request credential service or register with the Gorillas4Hire program for access to job vacancies, on-campus interviews and sign-up, and resume referral to potential employers.  Please contact the office by calling (620) 235-4140 to receive a password to Gorillas4Hire via the Internet, or visit our Web Page at http://www.pittstate.edu/office/careers/. A minimal fee is charged for credential service for education majors. There is no fee for a Gorillas4Hire password if an individual is currently enrolled in a course at PSU.

The Career Resource Center, 202 Horace Mann, maintains an extensive collection of resources and a computer lab for individuals to access Gorillas4Hire, career guidance software programs, infor­mation on occupations, business and government employ­ers, school districts, job search skills and techniques, and graduate schools.  Peer advisors are available during office hours in the career resource center to assist students in developing job search skills, tools, strategies. Skype is available in Career Services for remote job interviews. 


Student Employment

Mindy Cloninger, Director

Room:  202 Horace Mann – Student Welcoming Center

Telephone:  620-235-4145


e-mail:  careers AT pittstate DOT edu

A part-time job can be a valuable and rewarding experience.  More than 1100 PSU students work on campus.  There are a wide variety of student employment positions.  Some of these include:  student trainers, computer technicians, clerical assistants, photographers, tutors, lab assistants, lifeguards, research assistants, managers, reporters/writers, cashiers, painters, secretaries, custodians, intramural officials, and many more!

Students must be enrolled full-time during the academic year to be appointed to a student position.  During the academic year, the full-time student is enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours.  Students not enrolled in summer school may work as student employees provided they have applied and been accepted for the fall semester.  Full-time status for the summer session is three (3) credit hours or more.  University policy limits a student to 20 hours of on-campus employment per week when classes are in session.

Some part-time positions require students to demonstrate financial need (Federal Work Study), while others are open to all students (regular state employment).  Most student employment positions are paid the federal minimum wage.  Students are eligible, however, to receive a .25 cent raise for each year of service.  The department has discretion to award the pay increase to eligible student employees.

In addition to the on-campus employment positions, the Student Employment office also provides information regarding job opportunities off-campus.  These off-campus positions can be viewed within the Gorillas4Hire program.  The program also provides students an opportunity to participate in various off-campus jobs such as community service projects, childcare, literacy training, and education (tutoring).

The Student Employment office is located in 202 Horace Mann. Students are encouraged to e-mail careers AT pittstate DOT edu or contact the office for a free password to access Gorillas4Hire. The phone number for the Student Employment Office is (620) 235-4145.

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