A student whose cumulative grade point average at the end of a regular semester or the summer session falls below the GPA standard for retention in the university will be placed on academic warning. Academic Warning and Dismissal are based on the following standards:

Credit hours attempted        Cumulative GPA

1 – 29                                < 1.4

30 – 59                              < 1.6

60 – 89                              < 1.8

90+                                   < 2.0

To avoid suspension while enrolled and on academic warning, the student must earn a 2.00 semester GPA or raise the cumulative GPA to the retention standard for hours attempted.  Failure to meet either of these criteria will result in academic dismissal. 

Once dismissed, a student is not allowed to enroll for at least one regular semester (fall/spring) before being considered for reinstatement by the dean of the academic college in which he or she wishes to major.

A senior (90 hours earned) who is academically dismissed may be reinstated without remaining away from the University for a semester at the discretion of his or her academic dean. This student will continue under academic warning. The senior exception may be granted only once

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