1. Grades of BC or better are required in all nursing, chemistry, biology and health science courses. A satisfactory (S) is required in all completed clinical. If a grade lower than a BC or a grade of (U) is earned, the student will be placed on probation in the nursing program. In order to have the nursing probationary status removed, the student must repeat the coursework and earn a grade or BC or higher and/or a grade of (S). In all concurrent nursing and practica courses a student is required to earn a BC or better in the didactic course and a (S) grade in the practica. Unsuccessful achievement in either course necessitates repeating the didactic and practica course. If courses are repeated, the university repeat/replace policy applies to all courses.

2.   A student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.75. For First Time Freshman, GPA progression standards will be evaluated after the students attempt a minimum of 12 credits. A student whose cumulative GPA is below a 2.75 will be placed on academic probation for the following semester. To have the probationary status removed, a student must attain a 2.75 cumulative GPA in the subsequent semesters.

3. A student will be dismissed from the program if;
      1) s/he fails to attain a 2.75 cumulative GPA in the subsequent semester, 
             a. If a cumulative GPA is less than a 2.75 due to a course grade and that same course is not offered in the subsequent semester, probation is continued until the Fall or Spring term when the same course is offered.
      2) s/he is placed on academic probation a second time during his or her tenure in the program,
      3) s/he fails to meet the criteria for the removal from academic probation.

4. If a grade below a BC is achieved or an S is not achieved, the student may not progress to subsequent courses in the program if the course is a prerequisite of another. When repeating a nursing, biology, chemistry or, health science course, a student may be required to successfully complete ancillary learning experiences or clinical competencies/practica that validate theoretical knowledge.

5. A course may be repeated only one time. A student receiving a C, D, F, or U twice in one nursing chemistry, biology or health science course or in two nursing, chemistry, biology and health sciences courses is dismissed from the program.

6. A transfer student who takes NRS 100 and 230 concurrently and earns lower than a C in Nursing 100 must retake NRS 100 in the subsequent semester. In this case, the student may register for NRS 236 in the subsequent semester but may not register for NRS 233 or 234.

7. A student who withdraws from any nursing, chemistry, biology or health sciences course twice will be dismissed from the program. A student will be dismissed from the nursing program if they withdraw for academic reasons from a nursing, chemistry, biology or health science course that is being repeated because of a previous earned grade of C, D, F, or U.

8. If a student withdraws from a course for reasons other than director approved request for medical or personal leave, the student must successfully complete the course in the next available semester or academic term.

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