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2020-21 Graduate Catalog 
2020-21 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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EDU 526 - Mathematics in the Elementary/Middle School Classroom

3 Hour(s)

EDU 526 develops teacher candidates’ understanding of the mathematics content, processes, and pedagogy needed to teach mathematics in K-8 classrooms. In the course, teacher candidates engage in mathematical tasks and study research on how children learn mathematics so that candidates learn how to engage elementary and middle school students in meaningful sense making mathematics activities. Course content includes focused analysis of the Common Core Standards for Mathematics and NCTM’s Principles and Standards to develop teacher candidates’ abilities to align instruction that facilitates students’ understanding of mathematics to state and national standards. Teacher candidates observe and interact in classroom settings and tutor individual students to support their understanding of how children learn mathematics. Candidates consider how teachers can plan culturally sustaining instruction that draws on students’ strengths, while improving students’ mathematical thinking and understanding. Throughout the course, teacher candidates implement formative and summative assessments to identify the effectiveness of instructional decisions and the impact on student learning throughout the teaching and learning process.

Prerequisite(s): EDU 502 .

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