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2023-24 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-24 Undergraduate Catalog

Faculty and Staff Awards and Emeriti


Faculty and Staff Award Recipients

Norman and Louise Allhiser Award for Teaching Excellence

Marceil V. Poltorak (1989)

Lelan E. McLemore (1990)

Mark C. Aamot (1991)

David D. Simpson (1992)

Richard J. O’Farrell (1993)

Pamela Pinahs-Schultz (1994)

Peter L. Settle (1995)

Claudette McShane (1996)

Emily S. Long (1997)

Deirdre M. Keenan (1998)

Ann E. Cook (1999)

Amy A. Cropper (2000)

Charles A. Byler (2001)

Robert G. Black (2002)

Catherine L. Cullen (2003)

Lisa K. Conley (2004)

Mary E. Kazmierczak (2005)

Kathrine Kramer (2006)

Paul L. Rempe (2007)

Kimberly Redding (2008)

Sara Deprey (2009)

Rebecca S. Imes (2010)

James Zager (2011)

Jeffrey T. Kunz (2012)

John Garrison (2013)

Daniel Becker (2014)

John Symms (2015)

Barbara L. King (2016)

Jessica R. Boll (2017)

Monika G. Baldridge (2018)

Kimberly Hofkamp (2019)

Susan M. Hanson (2020)

Jenn L. Dobby (2021)

Gail Vojta (2022)

Michael Mortensen (2023)

Benjamin F. Richason Jr. Faculty Award

Earl N. Hudson III (1989)

O. Lamar Cope (1990)

Jack R. Dukes (1991)

David M. Molthen (1992)

Philip L. Krejcarek (1993)

David A. Block (1994)

Virginia M. Parsons (1995)

Richard J. Watkins (1996)

Joseph J. Hemmer Jr. (1997)

James B. Vopat (1997)

Hugo J. Hartig (1998)

Gerald L. Isaacs (1999)

Lori Duin Kelly (2000)

Mary E. Hauser (2001)

Barbara L. King (2002)

Larry D. Harper (2003)

Linda G. Thompson (2004)

Michael D. Schuder (2005)

Richard J. Penlesky (2006)

Chenglie Hu (2007)

Joseph J. Piatt (2008)

Charles A. Byler (2009)

Monika G. Baldridge (2010)

Lilly J. Goren (2011)

Christopher J. May (2012)

Scott Hendrix (2013)

Arthur W. Best (2015)

Susan E. Lewis (2016)

Sara M. Deprey (2017)

Abigail M. Markwyn (2018)

Kevin Guilfoy (2019)

Kerry Kretchmar (2020)

Jamie Hansen (2021)

Amy McQuade (2022)

Kimberly White (2023)

Endowed Chairs

The Edna M and Edgar A. Thronson Chair in Chemistry Kevin McMahon
The Mary Robertson Williams Chair in English B.J. Best, Tim Gallow, and Lara Karpenko
The P.E. and Becky MacAllister Chair in Religious and Biblical Studies James P. Grimshaw
The Cordelia Pierce Hedges Chair in Theatre Arts James Zager
Gladys McKay Richter Endowed Chair Teresa L. Kaul

Ethos Awards - Faculty and Staff

Respect: Jessica Boll
Integrity: Mario Howard
Stewardship: Jake Eisch

Respect: Tony Aker
Integrity: Dawn Scott
Stewardship: John Vitale

Respect: Kelly Pinter
Integrity: Angie Brannan
Stewardship: Boyang (Romeo) Wang

Respect: Steve Staab
Integrity: Vanessa Perez Topczweski
Stewardship: Amanda Schellinger

Respect: Jeff McNamara
Integrity: Tim McCarthy
Stewardship: Jessica Lahner

Respect: Barb King
Integrity: Mike Johnston
Stewardship: Wendy Sikorra

Exemplary Contributions in Service Award - Faculty and Staff

Elena De Costa (2014)
Theresa L. Johnson (2014)
Ryan T. Corcoran (2015)
John Garrison (2015)
Brittany Larson (2016)
Gary L. Olsen (2016)
Cynara Fode (2017)
Kimberly Redding (2017)
Megan E. Couch (2018)
Lilly Goren (2018)
Vickie K. Ericson (2019)
Lydia C. Guell (2019)
Mary M. Hensel (2020)

Honors Faculty Mentor Award

Scott Hendrix (2021)

Kevin Guilfoy (2022)

Darrel Johnson (2023)

Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award

Susan Hanson (2019)

Susan Lewis (2020)
Jessica Lahner (2020)

Barb King (2021)
Katie McCarthy (2021)

Tamra Fricke (2022)
Lee Kesting (2022)

RoseAnn Donovan (2023)

Emeriti - Faculty and Staff

The granting of emeriti status is considered an extraordinary title made to academic staff who have provided significant scholarly and teaching contributions to Carroll University. This honored status is given as a recognition of experience, knowledge, and scholarly contribution of the retiring faculty, and in some cases, staff, acknowledging their years of service, along with their commitment, dedication and genuine care to their colleagues, students, the University, and their broader professional community.

Carroll University bestows this honor to the following individuals who continue to serve as ambassadors and champions to our campus community:

Mark C. Aamot, 1974-2001
Professor Emeritus of Music

Judith C. Anderson, 1997-2002
Associate Professor Emerita of Physical Therapy

Theresa Barry, 2009-2023
Vice President of Student Life Emerita

David A. Block ‘76, 1988-2010
Associate Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science and Geography

Angela Brindowski, 2006-2017
Professor Emerita of Nursing

John C. Clausz, 1979-2002
Professor Emeritus of Biology

Richard H. Coon, 1983-2015
Professor Emeritus of Sociology

Joseph M. Dailey, 1972-2011
Associate Professor Emeritus of Communication

Dennis Debrecht, 1984-2021
Associate Professor Emeritus of Business and Economics

Jack R. Dukes, 1970-2001
Professor Emeritus of History

Russel C. Evans, 1969-1996
Librarian Emeritus

Frank S. Falcone, 1993-2006
President Emeritus

Peggy T. Farrell ‘72, 1991-2022
Associate Professor Emerita of Art

Timothy J. Fiedler, 1976-2012
Associate Professor Emeritus of Sociology

Robert J. Friebus, 1975-2008
Associate Professor Emeritus of Sociology

Quinten C. Grosskopf, 1966-1996
Associate Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Denise D. Guastello, 1988-2015
Professor Emerita of Psychology

Larry Harper, 1986-2017
Professor Emeritus of Music

Hugo J. Hartig, 1976-2011
Professor Emeritus of Music

Linda Hartig, 1997-2011
Librarian Emerita

Douglas N. Hastad, 2006-2017
President Emeritus

Kelly Heiman, 1991-2022
Director of Admission/Admission Counselor Emerita

Jane F. Hopp, 1994-2020
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Emerita and Associate Professor Emerita of Physical Therapy

Earl N. Hudson III, 1970-2000
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

Donna J. Hupe, 1992-2000
Librarian Emerita

Gerald L. Isaacs, 1978-2015
Professor Emeritus of Computer Science

Margaret D. Kasimatis, 1998-2022
Clinical Associate Professor Emerita of Health and Medicine

Deirdre M. Keenan, 1991-2018
Professor Emerita of English

Gay G. Knutson, 1982-2000
Professor Emerita of Education

Phil Krejcarek, 1977-2020
Professor Emeritus of Art

Steve R. Kuhn, 2009-2020
Vice President for Institutional Advancement Emeritus

Jeffrey T. Kunz, 1981-2020
Assistant Professor Emeritus of Accounting

Michael Levas, 1985-2021
Associate Professor Emeritus of Business Administration

Emily S. Long, 1991-2007
Associate Professor Emerita of Education

Bruce A. MacIntyre ‘63, 1968-2002
Professor Emeritus of Biology

Lelan E. McLemore, 1972-2012
Professor Emeritus of Political Science & Librarian Emeritus

David M. Molthen ‘63, 1970-2007
Professor Emeritus of Theatre Arts

Merlene A. Moody, 1983-2001
Associate Professor Emerita of Business Administration

Debra L. Morgan ‘75, 1985-2015
Director of Admission Emerita

Sharon L. Muendel, 1998-2005
Professor Emerita of English

Richard J. O’Farrell, 1973-2001
Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Ralph F. Parsons, 1974-2007
Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Virginia M. Parsons, 1976-2007
Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Richard J. Penlesky, 2002-2015
Professor Emeritus of Business

Pamela Pinahs-Schultz, 1980-2022
Professor Emerita of Physical Education

Paul L. Rempe, 1969-2007
Associate Professor Emeritus of History

Wilma J. Robinson, 2001-2019
Professor Emerita of Education

Pacia Sallomi, 1997-2021
Professor Emerita of Art

Kathleen S. Sampson, 2008-2022
Distinguished Lecturer Emerita of Nursing

Christina Schneider, 2012-2022
Associate Professor Emerita of Biology

David D. Simpson, 1978-2019
Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Daniel T. Steffen, 1974-2001
Assistant Professor Emeritus of Physical Education

Gary W. Stevens, 1970-2007
Associate Professor Emeritus of English

Bruce Strom, 1990-2014
Associate Professor Emeritus of Education

Linda G. Thompson, 1981-2007
Professor Emerita of Mathematics

John F. Towell III, 1999-2009
Associate Professor Emeritus of Computer Science

James E. Van Ess ‘64, 1969-2002
Librarian Emeritus

Glenn A. Van Haitsma, 1958-1993
Professor Emeritus of English

Melvin G. Vance, 2003-2012
Instructor Emeritus in Religious Studies

James B. Vopat, 1972-2007
Professor Emeritus of English

Richard J. Watkins ‘65, 1976-2000
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

William D. Welch Jr., 1987-2005
Professor Emeritus of Physics