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2023-24 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-24 Undergraduate Catalog

Spanish Major

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Jessica Boll Associate Professor of Spanish
Alison García Assistant Professor of Spanish

The Spanish major allows students to develop indispensable skills in communication and an understanding of other cultures that is possible only through language. Students learn to speak, read, and write Spanish as they take literature, history, phonetics, interpretation, translation, and professional courses, all conducted in the target language. Studying Spanish adds value to a student’s education, broadens their worldview, and makes them more attractive to employers in today’s global marketplace. 

Spanish majors are encouraged to spend a summer, semester, or year abroad for a truly immersive experience. Recent graduates have studied in Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, and Spain.

Learning Outcomes for Spanish

A student successfully completing a Spanish major at Carroll University:

  • Can understand with ease virtually everything heard or read.
  • Can summarize information from spoken and written sources and reconstruct arguments in a coherent presentation.
  • Can express oneself spontaneously, fluently and precisely, differentiating meaning in complex situations.
  • Can summarize cultural texts (literary and sociopolitical) intended for native speakers to support analysis, reflection, and research related to global issues while integrating cross–cultural perspectives.
  • Can utilize a wide range of sources on cultural themes, including international and domestic sources in the target language (e.g., heritage/immigrant community newspapers, radio and TV broadcasts, or websites.
  • Can utilize information from a variety of sources in the target language, including sources produced by writers in the target culture for target culture readers and listeners as well as sources produced by writers in the base culture (e.g., émigré community, for émigré readers ad listeners) in order to create one’s own argument, drawing appropriately on research for evidence of cultural significance.
  • Can balance perspectives across cultures and evaluate sources of target culture information.

Bachelor of Arts Requirements

The requirements for a Bachelor of Arts are:

  • Students must take 2 consecutive modern language courses for a total of 6 or more credits in the same modern language (MLL) other than English; this does not include American Sign Language. Carroll University will accept a total of 6-8 transferred credits from another college/university as long as all of those credits are completed in the same language.
  • **International students who have English as their second language should contact the Registrar concerning the Modern Language requirement.

  • 4 Hour(s)
  • 4 Hour(s)


Four-year plans are individually developed based on the students’ placement level and cohort (if applicable) and are open to modification.

Each major may have specific course sequencing requirements. For specific requirements, see “Required Support Courses” within each major.

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