Nov 28, 2021  
2020-21 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-21 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of English, Modern Languages and Philosophy

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Chairperson: B.J. Best
Associate Professor(s):
Assistant Professor(s):

Room MacAllister 216
Telephone: 262-951-3071
Fax: 262-650-4837


Department Faculty

Name Title
BJ Best Department Chair and Associate Professor of English and Writing
Jessica Boll Associate Professor of Spanish
Elena DeCosta Associate Professor of Spanish
Timothy Galow Associate Professor of English and Writing
Kevin Guilfoy Professor of Philosophy
Lara Karpenko Associate Professor of English and Writing
Max Rondolino Associate Professor of Philosophy

Notes on Modern Languages

To begin in any course other than 101 in Modern Languages, students need to take the placement test in French, German, or Spanish prior to the start of the semester. Placement tests will also be administered during the first weeks of classes, and placement can be changed. Any student who needs the placement test at other times should contact the program faculty to arrange a time for administration of the test. Please consult program faculty for guidance in registering for the first language course. Either placement into a course numbered 301 or higher in any of the three languages, or completion of a 202 course will demonstrate competency in that language. In order to satisfy the language requirement for the Bachelor of Arts degree, a student must take 8 credits in a modern language (MLL) other than English.

A student enrolled at Carroll in a degree program, who has completed high school courses in French, German, or Spanish language may enroll in an appropriate course at Carroll University (as determined by the program). When the student completes that course with a grade of B or higher, the student will receive retroactive credit for all courses leading up to the successfully completed course and will count toward graduation requirements. Special provisions are made for native and near-native speakers of French, German, and Spanish.

Teaching majors and minors consist of the specific modern language courses listed below plus (1) an immersion experience, e.g., New Cultural Experiences Program [NCEP] or study abroad, (2) successful completion of a language competency exam in the semester prior to the semester of student teaching, and (3) the requirements in the Teacher Education Program.

The Education department requires students seeking MC-EA (Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence) or EA-A (Early Adolescence through Adolescence) licensure in French, German, or Spanish to complete  EDU 355 - Special Methods in Teaching Elementary and Secondary Subjects .

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