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2020-21 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-21 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English and Writing Major

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Timothy Galow Associate Professor of English and Writing
Lara Karpenko Associate Professor of English and Writing
B. J. Best Department Chair and Associate Professor of English and Writing
Barbara J. Kilgust Lecturer in English and Writing

We offer a combined major in English and Writing and minors in English, Creative Writing and Professional Writing. See sample four year plan.

The English and Writing major also serves as a valuable and practical double major with any program including the health sciences, social sciences, business, and education. See below our sample four-year plans for English and Writing with Business, Communication, Occupational Therapy, and Psychology.

English and Writing Major Goals:

  1. To provide students with a body of knowledge about literature and other forms of representation that will allow them to recognize the interrelationship among ideas and provide them with the skills to be lifelong learners.
  2. To teach students the critical and creative reading, writing and thinking skills that enable them to develop a personal value system and that will inform their understanding of their impact on the world around them.

Learning Outcomes for English and Writing

Students graduating with a degree in English and Writing will be able to

  1. Develop strategies for originating and answering questions about literature.
  2. Use language specific to the discourses of poetry, drama, fiction and nonfiction.
  3. Analyze and respond critically to texts using research and bibliographic materials appropriate to the discipline.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to synthesize and organize ideas.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of a writing process that includes reading, research, drafting, editing, and revising, and be able to analyze that process in their own writing and the writing of others.

Core Courses

British and American Literature Survey

Students must complete the following three survey courses. (12 credits)

Visual Literacy

students must complete one of the following courses:

Professional English Requirement

Students must complete one of the following courses (4 credits):

Creative English Requirement

Students must complete one of the following courses (4 credits):

Modern Language Through 202

English and Writing primary majors are required to complete a Modern Language through 202

This Modern Language requirement is in addition to the minimal Bachelor of Arts language requirement.


Students majoring in English and Writing may not receive General Education(F1) credit for writing courses.

Required Support Courses

(Required for primary majors only)

Students seeking education certification must take the following courses;

Bachelor of Arts Requirements

The requirements for a Bachelor of Arts are:

  • Students must take 8 credits in the same modern language (MLL) other than English, this does not include American Sign Language. Carroll University will accept a total of 8 transferred credits from another college/university as long as all 8 credits are completed in the same language.
  • **International students who have English as their second language should contact the Registrar concerning the Modern Language requirement.
  • 4 Hour(s) or higher
  • 4 Hour(s)
  • Degree requirements cannot be waived.


Each major may have specific course sequencing requirements. For specific requirements, see “Required Support Courses” within each major

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