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2020-21 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-21 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health and Human Experience Minor

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Mission and Program Goals

Mission: The mission of the Health and Human Experience minor is to educate, in an interdisciplinary approach, pre-professional students interested in pursuing graduate study or employment in a healthcare discipline. The American Medical Society has embraced the need for practitioners that are well versed in the many “ways of knowing.” This change in philosophy is due to the recognition that there is a growing need for healthcare professionals to work as an interdisciplinary team and to respond to patients more holistically through addressing their social and mental health as well as their physical health. To address this need, this minor has been designed to educate students in interdisciplinary, humanistic, and cultural approaches to the study of health in modern society.

Goals: To educate pre-professional students in an interdisciplinary, humanistic, and cultural approach to the study of health in modern society

Program Learning Outcomes (Student Learning Outcomes)

Health and the Human Experience minor students will be able to study/analyze/make decisions about health and medicine through;

  1. Demonstrating a basic knowledge of the human body (at the molecular, biochemical, and organismal levels) that can be applied during subsequent didactic work, as well as in future clinical screening for, evaluation of, decision making regarding, and treatment of disease processes
  2. Articulating evidence-based implications at the interpersonal and/or sociological levels.
  3. Analyzing multiple ethical, philosophical, and religious positions for use as critical tools for making health decisions.
  4. Exhibiting the ability to use literary and/or historical artifacts to examine issues in the health and human experience.

Coursework (25 Credits)

Students must take 6 courses (24 credits) plus capstone (1 credit)

* Students must take at least one course, but no more than two courses, from each category. Students may not enroll in courses that meet requirements for their major (this includes required support courses). Students must take at least one ANP course from the Science category.

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