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2021-22 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-22 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Animal Behavior Major

Amanda R. Lee Assistant Professor of Animal Behavior
Susan E. Lewis Professor of Biology
Matthew H. Scheel Associate Professor of Psychology
Joshua Wolf Assistant Professor of Psychology

The interdisciplinary major in Animal Behavior supports the mission of Carroll University and the College of Arts and Sciences. The program is designed to give students a thorough knowledge of Animal Behavior within the domains of comparative psychology, behavioral ecology, and behavioral neuroscience. It will also enrich students’ ability to apply scientific methods to understand the behavior of animals. The major will provide a foundation for those who wish to pursue graduate studies or professional careers in animal behavior or a related field, including veterinary medicine.

Learning Outcomes for Animal Behavior

As students progress through the animal behavior major, they will strengthen their abilities to:

  1. Define and describe animal behavior-related terminology and concepts.
  2. Understand experimental design.
  3. Execute empirical procedures.
  4. Demonstrate multiple effective communication skills.

Required Support Courses (4 Credits)

Bachelor of Science Requirements

NOTE: Animal Behavior students are required to take CMP112 and CMP114.

The requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree are:


Each major may have specific course sequencing requirements. For specific requirements, see “Required Support Courses” within each major